6 Things to Keep in Mind while Cultivating Mushrooms

Mushroom is a nutritious vegetarian delicacy and a good source of high-quality protein. Oyster mushroom and white mushroom are the two types of mushrooms that can be grown in the climate of Kerala. The suitable cultivation period in Kerala is October to May. Under favorable conditions, mushroom seeds will germinate in 5-6 days.

Below Few things should be noticed while cultivating mushrooms,

1.Mushrooms grow pearly white in color. The color may sometimes be green or black instead of pearly white which is harmful. The black color on the mushrooms is due to the presence of bacteria. If it turns green, it means the whole seed is bad. Covers should be completely removed from the mushroom bed and burned. Only good quality seeds should be used. When buying mushroom seeds do not buy continuously from the same place.

2. Sprouting mushrooms emerges through the holes in 18-2 0 days. Mushrooms should be harvested before full growth. Sort the harvested mushrooms and separate them into packets of the same size and shape. Deliver filled packets to market immediately.

3. Harvested mushrooms should be cooked within 10–15 hours. Stale mushrooms are not edible.

4. To repel the mushroom flies, you can hang a white cloth dipped in neem oil on the sides of the mushroom beds. The flies cling to the surface of the flag and die. In addition to this, the smell of neem oil will repel flies.

5. Yields range from 750 g to 1 kg per bed. Harvest 3-4 times from one mushroom bed and then change it. The rest of the harvest can be completed at one week intervals after the first harvest.

6. Hygiene is important in mushroom cultivation. Straw should be dried on disinfected plastic sheets. Washed and dried clothes should be worn to enter