What is Budding Propagation? | Uses | Methods

Budding is a way of improving a plant’s productivity by using other plant’s buds. This method is popular all over the world to enhance plants’ productivity. It is almost the same as grafting. The difference is that for grafting, we use a lengthy part of a stem (scion) which consists of several buds (in many cases whole upper part of the plant). But in budding, we take only the healthy bud from the scion.

Benefits of Budding

  • To speed the maturity of tree or plant (by this, time for flowering or bearing fruits reduces) 
  • To improve taste, size, number, or smell of fruits and flowers
  • It is possible to make our own better plants by grafting and budding
  • Consistency will be there for fruits or flowers for years
  • Drought tolerance

It is preferred to bud plants with the same species but in rare cases, they do on different species. It is recommended to prepare scion early in the morning when the atmosphere is cold which plays an important role while budding. Make sure matured bud is using which has more productivity than new buds. After budding, it is preferred to remove unnecessary sprouts that reduce the growth of the plant.

The budding knife’s shape would be a curved one for it has to cut a T- shaped slot on the budding rootstock. First, make a stroke vertical about 1.5cm long and make another to down about 4cm long after that pry up the flap slightly. Make sure the bud that we cut fits the gap that we created. While inserting the bud make sure that the bud is making good contact with the rootstock.

While grafting is considered an ancient form, budding is considered a modern technique.

Though budding is simple, utmost caution has to be taken while the process undergoes.  It is advisable to bud a plant during its growing time or just before that. Normally budding is done 4 inches above the soil and it is also necessary to remove all the dirt and leaves from this area. The most important budding styles are T-budding, Chip budding, and Patch budding. Hours of training and patience are needed for budding and grafting. A second mind lapsing can destroy the whole plant.