Is It Possible to Grow Chillies in Monsoon? | Fertilization | Pest Control

The inability to grow any vegetables during the monsoon season has remained a shortcoming to Malayalees for a long time. The main problem in Kerala is the rotting of crops in the lowlands, the erosion of fertilizers from the topsoil during cultivation in the fields, and the failure to bear fruit.

However, eggplant, fennel and green chillies are some of the vegetables that can be grown even in heavy rain. If green chilli seedlings are planted over four grow bags, it is enough for the needs of one family.

How to Grow Chillies at Home?

  1. Green chillies can be easily grown at home even during the monsoon season. It is a tropical crop that can be grown in red soil, laterite soil and clay soil.
  2. In the case of grow bags, the seedlings can be planted after filling the potting mixture. Seeds for the monsoon season should be sown and germinated in early May and should be sown in a mixture of soil, sand and powdered manure in the ratio of 3: 3: 3.
  3. Water it in small amounts daily. The seedlings that germinate within four days can be replanted after 15 days.


  1. If the seedlings are to be planted in the field during the monsoon season, a well-drained area should be selected. If it is kept in a grow bag, make four more holes in the bottom.
  2. After the seedlings have sprouted, cover the top of the grow bag with a perforated plastic sheet covering only the centre of the seedlings to prevent them from rotting due to excessive water during the monsoon.
  3. Soaked and diluted groundnut cake, cow dung water and cow urine can be poured once a week into the base of the plant.

Pests Attack & Control

A crop-friendly fungus called Verticillium lecanii can be used to control pests during monsoon cultivation. It can also kill aphids, whiteflies, thrips and the eggs of weevils.

Mix 10-15 g of Verticillium in one litre of water and spray on the plants. First, dissolve 5 g of bar soap in one litre of hot water and spray it on the infested plants. Then you can see the white outer shell of the egg changing. After this, spray the Verticillium. The insects will be destroyed within 48 to 72 hours. If this is repeated once in 10 days, the pests can be controlled to some extent.