Four Security Persons and Six Dogs Guard 7 Miyazaki Mangoes in Madhya Pradesh

A couple has installed security measure of 4 security guards and 6 dogs to keep their mangoes away from thieves. This unusual incident happened in Madhya Pradesh and the mango variety is Miyazaki mango. Miyazaki variety is one of the most expensive mangoes in the world. Last year in an auction in Japan couple of mangoes of this variety sold for 2.70 lakh rupees. 

It was before 2 years Madhya Pradesh native Sankalp Parihar and his wife Rani planted the mango tree. They were unaware of the variety that they were planting then. When the tree bore mangoes last year, they confirmed the variety. But when the news got out their first harvest was robbed by thieves. 

The couple received this rare variety of mangoes on a train when they were travelling to Chennai to buy some sapling for their orchard. In their words, an unknown person handed over them these trees and asked them to take care of these plants like their children. And later, when the mangoes grew, they came to understand the mango variety is Miyazaki which has its fan-world in the international market. 

Miyazaki mangoes are rare in the world. It is mainly cultivated in the city of Miyazaki, Japan. The subtropical climate of the city helps in the growing process of the mango. The mango tree requires abundant sunlight as well as rainfall. Outside Japan, the tree can be seen growing in Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

Egg of the Sun

The fruit is often called Taiyo no Tamago in Japanese, which means the egg of the sun. The name came from the shape and colour of the fruit. Normally, the fruit weighs 350 grams and more. To maintain all these features, these mangoes are growing in particular growing conditions. Miyazaki mangoes are originally from the Irwin mangoes. They have more sugar content, 15%, than normal variety mangoes. They are rich in antioxidants, beta carotene, and folic acid.