Dahlia flowers are gorgeous in terms of beauty. That is why dahlia has a great place in decorations. Dahlia flowers are available in pink, red, yellow, white, purple and orange colours.

Growing dahlia requires a climate that is not too hot or rainy. It is difficult to have flowers in extreme summer. But care must also be taken to get enough sunlight. The best months for planting dahlia are September-October.

How to plant dahlia ?

  1. Dahlia is grown by planting the cut stems or tubers at the base of the plant. Dahlia plants grown with tubers are healthier and larger than those grown with cut stems.
  2. Add soil and then powdered dry leaves on top of that. It should be soaked for two days. The seeds are then sown after adding soil and manure. Once the plants started having new roots, bone meal and manure can be added.
  3. Dahlia will start flowering within 8 weeks. At that time the bed should be stirred well and then fertilized again. Once the flower withers, the branches should be trimmed. Only then will it help to have many branches and flowers.
  4. Care should be taken to provide proper support as the plant may fall in strong winds. Dahlia is most commonly affected by powdery mildew and gray mold. After removing the withered flowers and leaves, the soil should be placed at the bottom. This will help it to bloom longer.