E-Kalpa Mobile App to help Farmers In India

E-kalpa is a mobile app developed by the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute at Kasargod for coconut, areca nut, and cocoa farmers. This app, which can be downloaded for free from Playstore, provides information in several languages including Malayalam. After downloading it, register by providing your phone number, user name, and password, and then select the preferred language for viewing the information.

You can use it for both online and offline use. When you use it in offline mode, the windows titled ‘Knowledge Base‘ and ‘Crop Information‘ will be visible. ‘Knowledge Base’ includes a comprehensive collection of information regarding maintenance methods, varieties, use of fertilizers, plant protection, and machines related to harvesting and processing of the three crops. It also includes information about the availability and price of the machines. In ‘Crop Information’, there are elaborate farming techniques of intercrops on top of the three crops. Using ‘Input Calculator’ helps to calculate the amount of fertilizer needed for a coconut tree based on its age.

When used in online mode, the main attraction is ‘Farmer Support‘. You can present your farming problems by clicking on this, by either uploading a photo taken on your mobile phone or by typing a simple explanation of the problem.

Experts suggest remedial measures after verifying the location of the farm through GPS tagging. Clicking on the window titled ‘Farmer Diary‘ allows you to keep a short history of your farming log. You can also understand information about ‘synchronized farming’. There is also the opportunity to read knowledge notes relating to crops by clicking on the ‘Knowledge Base’ window.