Homegrown Oregano can now Compliment your Homemade Pizza!

Oregano is a perennial herb belonging to the mint family. The dried oregano enhances aroma and flavors of the dishes. This herb spread all around the world from the kitchens of Italy and is now a favorite seasoning of the world.

Oregano is closely related to the Marjoram herb and is also often called – the Wild Marjoram. Oregano can be used raw and dried. Dried leaves are available in the market in our country. It is used in pizza, burgers, meat, fish and sauces. How about growing it in your home?

How to grow oregano plant at home?

It is grown by sowing seeds and planting stem cuttings. Seeds should be sown and transplanted later.

  • To sow the seeds, prepare the potting mixture with 1 part manure, 2 parts sand and 4 parts topsoil. Compost can be used instead of manure and coco peat can be used instead of sand.
  • 20g of Pseudomonas should be mixed in 1 liter of water and sprinkled over soil before sowing.
  • These plants are slow growers and seeds take usually 10 days to sprout.
  • When the seeds grow 2 inches long, plant one sapling in each pot.
  • Trimming is essential as it helps the stems to bear more leaves. Snipping off the leaves from the top most tip of the plant is an easy way to prune them.
  • The ideal pH for the growth of oregano is 6 to 8. It is suitable for well-drained and light sandy soil, good sunlight and dry climate but can grow in other climates too.
  • A moderate amount of watering is sufficient.

How to harvest and use oregano leaves ?

Step 1. After the oregano leaves look healthy and mature enough to be used, gather bunches of leaves from your oregano plant.

Step 2. Wash the leaves and let it dry. Drying in sun or hanging inside is preferable.