Common Fertilizers Using in Grow Bags

The use of grow bags has increased nowadays as the flat-dwellers and the people who do not have enough space to do farming, focus their attention to their terrace. The unused terrace space is now the favourite place for people to grow their flowering and vegetable plants. It is not advisable to use soil directly on the terrace that is where the importance of grow bags come. The use of grow bag can stop the overwatering problem because water will flow out of the bag through their air pockets. But this triggers another problem of underwatering, so make sure to water the grow bags regularly. Let’s see the common fertilisers used in grow bags.

Nobody recommends using chemical fertilisers or pesticides in grow bags as they might damage the terrace. Always use organic as well as natural fertilisers in grow bags. Along with the planting mixture, when one adds during the planting of a seed or stem in the grow bag, it is good to add dried leaves. When the time passes, leaves will decay and become an organic fertiliser to the plant. It is better not to use any fertiliser in the first week after planting. 

Organic fertilisers to use in grow bags

One can add cow dried manure as well as goat dried manure according to the plant he has planted. Neem’s cake and bone meal are other commonly using organic fertilisers as well as natural pesticides in the grow bags. Make sure to use these fertilisers in every 2-3 weeks. The same grow bag can be used 2-3 season if the soil is enriched with organic fertilisers and composts. 

Fish Amino Acid is an organic fertiliser that can be used in a grow bag. It is possible to make FAA using sardines in our home. Groundnut cake is another organic fertiliser, which consists of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash to the plant. It is better to dig and keep the groundnut cake under soil or ants might eat as the base of the fertiliser is groundnut. At a time 25-50 grams of groundnut cake can deposit to the soil. Neem cake mixture can be added along with the groundnut cake powder. Keep the groundnut and neem cake in water separately for three days and the liquid can be used after diluting. 

Coir Pith Organic Manure or C-POM can also be used as fertiliser, especially for plants such as spinach. This helps to retain moisture in the soil.