How to Grow Spinaches at Home? Fertilizer | Harvesting | Pest Control

What is the most essential and easy to grow vegetable in your kitchen garden? It is undoubtedly Amaranthus dubius/Cheera/Red spinach. Red spinach is one such plant which can be cultivated during any time of the year.

What are your options for Spinaches.!

You can choose your variety from the options given below;

  • Arun – High yielding red leaves
  • Mohini – green leaves
  • Krishisree – This variety is brownish red in color and is less susceptible to leaf spot disease
  • Renushree – This is characterized by green leaves and red stalks
  • CO1- Green coloured one
  • Kannaara naadan – Reddish-brown foliage. Since this variety flowers in November and December, the planting time should be adjusted accordingly

How to grow Spinach plant?

  • 8 grams of seed will be required for one cent of land.
  • Mix 1 g of Pseudomonas powder with seeds for seed treatment. Apply Trichoderma rich manure at the rate of 10 kg / ha and PGPR mixture-2 to control the disease.
  • After leveling the field, make shallow trenches of 30-35 cm width at a distance of one foot (30 cm).
  • Mix the soil in the ditches with 100 kg Trichoderma rich dung manure per cent as basal manure.
  • Saplings aged 20 to 30 days should be planted 20 cm apart in these trenches after soaking in Pseudomonas solution (20 g Pseudomonas mixed in 1 liter of water) for 20 minutes.
  • During the monsoon season, it is better to plant in soil beds than ditches. 657 plants can be planted in one cent.
  • Use bioslurry (200 g), mixed with 4 liters of water or cow urine / vermi wash (200 ml) mixed with 8 times water, 4 kg of vermi compost / chicken manure, peanut cake (200 g) soaked in 4 liters of water as bio-fertilizers.
  • In summer, water at least every two days. Top the soil during monsoon.

What are the pests and diseases attacking Spinach plants?

Nesting worms – The larvae attach to the leaves and destroy them from inside.
Leafhoppers – Eats and destroys leaves.
Leaf spot disease – Leaves have similar spots on the base and upper surface.

How to control pest attack on spinach plants?

  • Destroy the leaves with worms. At the onset of the attack, 5% of the neem seed decoction should be sprayed.
  • Spray the disinfectant Dippel or Halt (0.7 ml) diluted in one liter of water or 4% leaf juice of Clerodendrum infortunatum with soap water.
  • To resist leaf spot, mix 1 kg of fresh dung in 10 liters of water and spray the filtered solution at regular intervals.
  • When watering the spinach, do not pour water on the top of the leaf but at the base.
  • Add 1 g of baking soda and 4 g of turmeric powder to one liter of Asafoetida solution (4 g / liter) and sprinkle on both sides of the leaf.