5 Reasons to Add Black Rice in Your Diet Chart

Black rice is a protein-enriched food, that one must have included the rice in their diet chart. The benefits of black rice are numerous. Its nutrients and anti-oxidants improve the heart’s health, stimulates brain activity, and even recommended for suppressing cancer. Mentioning of black rice can be seen in Ayurveda and also in the Ancient Chinese scriptures. In ancient China, the rice was called forbidden rice, because it was so expensive that only the high-born could afford it. In Kerala, the market price of rice is around 300 rupees for a kilogram. 

There are different types of black rice available today in the market. Though the rice is well known for its medicinal values, black rice is cultivated in smaller areas compared to the other rice varieties. People who ate the rice say that even though the rice is black it doesn’t have a disturbing taste as some people imagine. 

Mainly the rice is cultivated in the North East regions of India and also some parts of Tamil Nadu. But nowadays, farmers in Kerala also cultivate black rice. Agriculture officers are giving support and training to the farmers.

5 Benefits of Black Rice


Adequate fibers are needed in food to avoid constipation, diarrhea, bloating and regulating bowel movements. Which helps in the digestive process after having a meal. Black rice has more fibre than any other rice as other rice removes their bran and hull during the process of packing but black rice does not remove. 


Obesity is one of the main problems that younger generation faces nowadays. Having black rice, which has a good deal of fiber, makes you less eat. 


Black rice contains much protein comparing to the other rice. So, it is beneficial for those who want to consume protein enriched food. 

Heart’s Health

By consuming black rice, your heart’s health will be improved. Studies indicate that anthocyanin that contains in the rice reduces cholesterol, which helps in your heart’s health. 


Including antioxidants in one’s diet can reduce many health adversities such as heart diseases, diabetes, inflammation and even cancer. Black rice has a good quantity of anti-oxidants from anthocyanin, which gives black colour to the rice. Anthocyanin gives black colour to grapes and black plums also.