Everything You Should Know About Durian Fruit

Durian is a type of fruit that is widely seen in the countries of Southeast Asia like Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Cambodia. The fruit is well known for its strong aroma, but at the same time for its high nutritive value. The shape of the fruit ranges from oval to round, depending on the variety. Each fruit generally weighs 1-3 kilograms. 

 The fruit is covered with sharp and hard thorns which can injure the body if the fruit is not treated with the utmost care. The tropical climate is the best climate for a durian tree to grow and bear fruits. In some Southeast Asian countries, the fruit is included in their culinary. The tree will reach up to more than 100 feet when it becomes mature. In this regard, grafted trees are better as they will grow to a maximum height of 40 ft.

Health benefits of durian fruit 

Durian Flower
  • The fruit is naturally rich in iron.
  • Vitamin C has been found in the fruit.
  • The high concentration of potassium.
  • Enhances muscle strength and controls blood pressure.
  • Have high dietary fibre that helps digestion. 

 Even though there are many health benefits it is not recommended to have durian fruit in large quantities. There are 30 different varieties of durian in the world and Thailand is the largest exporter of durian in the world. Durian is the national fruit of Singapore.

How to plant a durian tree? 

  1. Durian tree needs abundant watering and sunshine, so be sure to plant the tree in such a place. 
  2. Make a hole of 45 cm in depth and width. Plant the seed, grafted or layered stem in the hole. Fill the hole with a mixture of soil and organic compost. 
  3. The seed will germinate in a few days. The plant does not need much care with the exception of watering. 
  4. Check the weeds each day. 
  5. They do not encourage waterlogging. So, be sure to plant the seed in soil that drains water.