How to Harvest Green Chillies in Just 2 Months?

Keerthi is a green chilly variety developed by the Pattambi Regional Center of the Agricultural University. Keerthi is a hybrid produced by the cross between Jwalamukhi, a green, less pungent variety (mother plant), and CA143 (father plant).

Importance of Chilly Variety ‘Keerthi’

Keerthi is a variety which is resistant to this disease. This species was developed by scientists at the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pattambi.

The main threat to green chilli cultivation is the leaf spot disease or mosaic disease. It is common in all varieties of green chillies. Infection with this disease causes stunted growth and complete destruction of the plant without yield.

Seeds should be sown in the nursery and one month old seedlings can be transplanted to the main field. The ideal time period for cultivating green chillies is May-June but September-October is also fine.

Qualities of Chilly ‘Keerthi’

  • It is dark green, medium in size and moderately pungent.
  • The first harvest can be done within two months of planting.
  • Yield continues for five months.
  • One hectare yields 15-16 tonnes of chillies.

Seeds are available at the sales counter of Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pattambi. Phone: 0466 220 1100