Lipstick Plant: All You Need to Know | Growing Conditions | Sunlight| Soil

Aeschynanthus radicans, commonly known as lipstick plant is a native of Southeast Asia and thrives where ever tropical or semi-tropical climate it gets. It’s a houseplant and shapes the tube of lipstick and has vibrant red colour. These peculiarities give the flower the nickname ‘lipstick plant’. The plant requires not that much care, this makes the plant favourite for an indoor or outdoor houseplant.

With adequate care and fertilisers, the plant will bear flowers all year round. The plant is an evergreen plant that has glossy green leaves. The plant’s habit of hanging makes it suitable for a hanging plant. Not only people are growing this plant as a hanging plant, but also as a normal plant in a pot. Before domesticating this variety, it was widely seen hanging from trees and in the cracks of rocks in the Southeast Asian regions.

It flowers mostly in the spring and summer seasons. Lipstick flower does not bear hard scent. The plant grows up to the size of 3 feet tall. Though the plant is not toxic, it does not recommend consumption by humans or animals.

How to care lipstick plant?

  • Keep an eye on sunlight as well as the water content of the soil. It has to get a good amount of sunlight, but direct sunlight is not recommended as it will scorch the leaves.
  • Like most tropical plants, it requires a good deal of water, but waterlogging has to be avoided. Failing to do that causes root rot and fungal diseases. To understand water requirements, press your finger on the mixture and see whether it has water content or is dried.
  • Potting mixture should be aerated and well-drained. People used to add soil in their potting mixture to ensure good drainage.
  • Climate also plays an important role in the growth of lipstick plants. The plant cannot withstand too much cold. It will result in the falling of flowers as well as leaves. Place your plant near the door and windows.
  • Once in a year do pruning, this will help the plant to grow new and strong shoots. This also helps the plant to be seen tidy and in order. 

How to grow lipstick plants?

The plant can be grown from both seeds and propagated stems. It is the new and soft stems that are used for propagation. Cut a stem that has no flowers on it. Keep the stem in a rooting mixture before planting to help the plant grow. Keep away the plant from direct sunlight, but it has to get warmth. In a couple of days, the shoot will begin to grow roots.

Propagation from seeds is also possible, but takes time rather than propagation by stems. Sow the seeds in a medium indoor that helps the seed to grow. Cover the seeds and make sure enough warmth the seeds are getting. Just spray water after keeping the seeds in the medium and in a couple of days the seeds will germinate.

Common Fertilisers/ pests/ diseases

It does not require special fertilisers. Provide normal fertilisers once or twice a year. Water the plants soon after applying fertilisers. Normally, the plant does not troubled by pests or bugs. But if there is overwatering then fungal infection can be affected.