Why You Have to Plant The Malaysian Coconut Tree?

If you are tired of finding people to climb a coconut tree to get the harvest, there are dwarf varieties that grow much shorter than the normal tall coconut trees. The Malaysian coconut tree is one of the well-known as well as the effective kind that suits the climate of Kerala. Its seed is available in all most all nurseries across the state. Let’s find out the benefits, planting methods, duration to bear fruit, and things to keep in mind before planting the seeds. 

Key things to keep in mind before planting seeds

  1. Always remember to choose the right seed for planting. Some nursery sells coconut seeds which belong to a tall variety saying the seed is of the dwarf variety. Normally dwarf varieties will not break all the outer-shell (husk) while sprouting, it will sprout breaking the top of the seed coconut. The tall varieties break almost half of the coconut husk. The leaves of dwarf varieties have more greenish colour than the tall coconut varieties. 
  2. Make sure coconut sapling gets enough sunlight. It requires good sunlight or it will affect the growth and fruit-bearing capacity of the coconut tree. 
  3. Apply limestone powder generously to the soil before planting coconut tree. This will clear all the pest in the pit or in the cow-manure that will be added to the hole before planting the seed coconut. 
  4. Termite attack is another concern. To suppress this issue, apply pesticides in the soil, which will get from agriculture centres.

Characteristics of Malaysian dwarf coconut tree

  1. The Malaysian dwarf coconut variety will grow up to 30-50 feet when it becomes mature. While the tall variety grows up to 80 feet when it turns mature. 
  2. In 3 years, the dwarf variety will bear fruit. If we take care well, the plant will produce fruit in two and a half years. But the tall variety will take at least 5 years. 
  3. Up to 250 coconuts the tree produces in a year. The tall variety produces up to 200 in a year. 
  4. Farmers can harvest the tree without much hassle as it is a dwarf variety.

How to plant Malaysian coconut tree

  1. Normally, the seeds sprout in 30 days and we can transfer the sprout into a pit 3-5 months from sprouting. 
  2. Dig a pit which is 2 metres in height, width and length. 
  3. Fill the pit 1 metre with the mixture of, neem cake powder, cow-manure, limestone powder and loose soil. 
  4. After planting make sure to water the newly planted sapling. Watering is an important factor for all coconut trees. 

Fertilisation after planting

  1. Coconut varieties indeed need a little care once it becomes mature. But care is needed to get the maximum fruits from the tree.
  2. Farmers can add cow-manure and limestone powder fertiliser.
  3. It is better to apply the mixture of groundnut cake powder, rock salt and neem cake powder on the frond to prevent pests attack on the fronds. 
  4. Leave a distance of 3 metres in between two saplings, while planting the tree.