Best Fertilizer for Mango Trees Rapid Flowering | Organic Pesticide | NPK Factor

Mango, the native of South Asia, requires constant care and fertilisers at least during its first 2-3 years or till the plant bears fruits. There are several fertilisers and pesticides to use for the mangoes and its tree. Most of them are chemical fertilisers or pesticides which have side effects and there are organic fertilisers and pesticides which do not have any kind of side effects.

Everybody loves a bite of mangoes, especially when they are ripe enough to taste its nectar. This love of mango makes the fruit the national fruit of India.

How to Make Organic Fertilizer for Instant Fruiting of Mango Trees?

Fertilisers using tea powder and groundnut cake

  • Take 10kg of groundnut cake.
  • Boil 2kg tea powder and mix with the groundnut cake
  • Further, add ½ litre curd
  • Keep the mix for 3 days
  • Dilute the mix with 5 litres of water

Use this mix to get high yield and also cures several diseases that tree get.

How to Make Organic Pesticide For Mango Trees?

Curd pesticide

Mango tree growers and nursery owners say that curd fertiliser is very effective and stops all kinds of pests’ attack. They say, there is no need for any other pesticides as the curd pesticide with its acidic traits stops the pest’s troubles.

  • Take 1 cup of fresh curd
  • Mix the curd with 10 litres of clean and chlorine-free water.
  • Use a foliar sprayer to apply the mix to the plant
  • Make sure to apply the mix after sunset or before sunrise.

This mix can be used not just for mango plants, but also for other plants.

NPK Factor that Effects Plant Growth & Fruiting

NPK factor or Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium factor are a must for all plants in the world. Nitrogen helps leaves and stems and also deals with the greenish colour of plants. Phosphorous helps the plants in flowering and bearing fruits. It also helps in the growth of roots and prevents drought to a certain level. Potassium is responsible for the plant as such. It regulates seeds, fruits and leaves. Strengthens the branches as well.