Meet Chillies Varieties Developed by Kerala Agriculture Universities

The chilli varieties of Jwala Mukhi, Jwala Sakhi, Ujjwala, Anugraha, Vellayani Atulya and Vellayani Samridhi released by the Kerala Agricultural University are those suitable for monsoon cultivation.

Ujjwala, developed at Vellanikkara Horticultural College, can be grown in pots as an ornamental plant. It is non-contagious and is resistant to leaf-curling mosaic caused by a virus and bacterial wilt. It is ideal to cultivate them close to each other.

Anugraha is a thick-skinned variety with a high yield and medium length. It is a medium breed resistant to bacterial wilt. Green chilli can be harvested from 25 to 60 days after planting this variety.

Jwalamukhi which is less in spice can resist bacterial wilt and spotted leaf disease to an extent. As it is less spicy, it is suitable to be used in curds.

Jwala Sakhi is a short plant that is characterized by its high yield, sharp, shiny ended fruit, thick skin and less spice.