5 Different Varieties of Mint / Puthina

Flavored Mint

This is a hybrid Mint variety with different types of flavors like Chocolate, Pineapple, Apple, etc. Flavored Mints have very specific purposes, where certain kinds of flavors are required in a particular preparation along with Mint.

Pepper Mint

This is a type of hybrid Mint, and it has very high menthol content. Therefore, it feels more like chewing gum or toothpaste kind of Mint. Its intense flavor is excellent for making beverages.


This is indeed the most popular Mint variety in India. Pudina is a household name and an essential part of Indian cuisine, especially the famous ‘Pudine Ki Chutney.’ Along with being a kitchen herb, Pudina is a highly medicinal plant, and it is widely used in various Ayurvedic formulations for stomach problems.

Spear Mint

This is one of the most common varieties of Mint. It has a versatile flavor. It can be used for a lot of kitchen recipes and has many health benefits. If a recipe doesn’t specify which Mint to use, it means Spear Mint only.

Sweet Mint

This is a spearmint variety from Israel, grown for its larger leaves. It has a neutral Mint flavor that can be used for a lot of dishes, drinks, teas, etc. This plant is commonly available and very easy to grow.