Four Guards and Six Dogs to Guard Miyazaki Mangoes in Madhya Pradesh

Getting one or two security guards for the orchard is common, but in Madhya Pradesh, a couple has arrayed four security guards as well as six dogs, mainly for protecting their two mango trees in their orchard. The Mango variety called Japanese Miyazaki is in the news for several days for its Z+ security. This variety is one of the expensive mangoes in the world.

Safety is offered due to the high price of this mango in the international market as well the scarcity of the variety. Last year, in an auction, two Miyazaki mangoes received a huge amount of 2.70 lakhs rupees. This makes the mango a super variety. At the same time, this makes the mango a target in the sight of thieves. As per reports, last year the mangoes were robbed by some people and that is the reason for installing new security measures in their orchard this year.

The couple received this rare variety of mangoes on a train when they were travelling to Chennai to buy some sapling for their orchard. In their words, an unknown person handed over them these trees. He told them to take care of these plants like their children. And later, when the mangoes grew, they came to understand the mango variety is Miyazaki which has its fan-world in the international market.

They say a merchant in Mumbai showed interest in buying the mangoes. He even offered 21,000 rupees for a mango.

Peculiarities of Miyazaki mango

Miyazaki mangoes are grown in the city of Miyasaki, Japan. It is considered to be the expensive mango in the world. The mango normally weighs 350 grams and rich in red colour. Miyazaki mangoes are originally from the Irwin mango variety. They have more sugar content, 15%, more than normal variety mangoes. They are rich in antioxidants, beta carotene, and folic acid. The mango also helps to improve eyesight.

The variety is also called Taiyo no Tamago (Egg of the Sun), due to its shape and hardened red colour. In Japan, mangoes are not bought to eat like a snack but buying them to give as a gift.

To maintain all these features, these mangoes are grown in particular growing conditions in Japan. They need abundant sunlight as well as rain, which make the Miyazaki city apt for the mango variety to grow. The city has a sub-tropical climate, as Miyazaki mango requires. To get equal rich red colour all around the mango, they lay kinds of reflective sheets on the soil. When the sunlight falls on the sheet it would reflect on the downside of the mango.

Once the fruit comes of age, each fruit will be covered in a net so that the fruit will not fall and damaged once it ripens. They will not be plucked from the tree when it ripens because the fruit that is naturally falling from trees have more aroma and taste than mangoes which are detached manually from trees.