Passion Fruit For Skin Whitening

Besides the aroma and refreshing taste, passion fruit has many health benefits. The fruit not only provides natural nutrients and vitamins but also boosts skin attributes. The primary use of the fruit is, using it for juice and eating the fruit as such. But some use it for nourishing the skin, they use passion fruit-based moisturiser. The tropical fruit consists of Vitamin C, A, B2, copper, alpha-carotene, riboflavin and fibres abundantly

To become fair, many women are keen to remove their epidermis and they undergo many surgeries, unhealthy creams, scrubbers and lotions. For a short time, they may succeed, but in the long run, they will understand the side effects as they changed the pH of the skin. The epidermis is a very important part of the body, instead of removing or applying harsh materials, it is recommended to use natural and mild lotions or gel.

In this respect use of passion fruit is an option. One can make a perfect pack using passion fruit and natural honey. The vitamin C content in passion fruit helps the skin to become soft and moist. While the honey soothes the skin. It helps in the growth of skin cells and reduces wrinkles and old age skin-related issues because of its abundant content of vitamins such as A and C.

How to make a pack for skin?

  • Take one scoop of passion fruit flesh.
  • Take a tablespoon of natural honey.
  • Mix it well and apply on the skin and leave it for 15-30 minutes.
  • Wash away the mask using lukewarm water.
  • Make sure to use raw honey as there will be enzymes in it.
  • Use a finger or brush to apply the cream.

What are the uses of passion fruit in skincare?

  • The fruit contains anti-ageing factors.
  • Vitamins in the fruit make sure to cleanse the black marks on the skin.
  • Clears bacteria. 
  • Provides anti-oxidative effect and thus makes the skin youthful.
  • The pulp can be used against skin irritation.
  • Oil made from the passion fruit’s flower can be used for dry skin problems.

The use of passion fruit rich bathing soap is another important use of the fruit. Cosmetologists believe that vitamins and acid in the passion fruit cleanse the dark spots on the skin as well as removing bacteria that cause bad odour. It rejuvenates the skin and makes it soft as a baby’s skin. The fruit’s ability to antioxidation and the melanin content helps to remove the dark spots and wrinkle on the face.