Are Snails Invading Your Precious Kitchen Garden?

Snails are such pests that will often show up without warning. One morning everything is lush and green in the garden, and the next morning, leaves will be eaten away, and plants will be turning brown. Snails congregate at the apex and base of the vegetable saplings. They will feast on the saplings and dry them out.

simple ways to prevent snail attack on vegetable garden.

  • You can also use a ‘beer trap’- take a small bucket or mug, bury it in the ground with only its mouth above ground. Then fill about just less than half of it with beer. Attracted and intoxicated by the smell, the snails are sure to fall in and drown.
  • To control them in the growbag, quicklime should be added to the potting mixture.
  • Adding neem cake to the potting mixture can also prevent this to some extent.
  • Break the egg shells into small pieces and spread them around plants that are vulnerable.
  • It is recommended to reduce the use of groundnut cake in areas where there is heavy snail attack.
  • Snails can be controlled by mixing 5 ml of vinegar in one liter of water and pouring it in growbags.
  • Sprinkle coffee powder or ashes around the plants to create a barrier.