Sindhoora Varikka Jack Becomes Jack Farmers Favourite

Sindhoora Varikka, a jack fruit variety becomes favourite for the farmers due to its colour, taste, aroma, price, and high yielding ability. The red-fleshed fruit, which is also known as thenvarikka, is in high demand, as it is only a few that are out there for harvesting. This variety bears the colour from light pink to red colour. The colour changes because of the soil’s peculiarity and climate.

How to plant thenvarikka

  • The variety can be grown from the seed, but to get whole traits of the mother plant, it is recommended to use grafted stem. This also helps the plant to grow quickly and laden with fruits.
  • Dig a hole that is half a metre deep. Fill the pit with organic fertilisers and plant the stem.
  • Make sure there will not be water logging where the stem is planted. Sunlight is also required for the plant.
  • Though the jackfruit variety does not need watering all the season, it is better to water the plant when it is young and during the summer season.
  • Not required for frequent fertilisers.
  • Up to 30-35 fruits will get from a single jack fruit tree in a season.
  • Make sure to prune the plant to get more branches so that more fruits it will bear.
  • A fruit will weigh around 12-14 KG.
  • Plants from the seeds will take 8 years to bear fruit and the plants from grafted stem will bear fruit in 3 years.

Pests, diseases and its remedies of Sindhoora varikka

  • Shoot borer, mealybug and jack scale are the common pests that attack Sindhoora jack fruit. Spray ekalux to remove shoot borer and jack scale and use lime sulphur and dust sulphur to kill the mealybug.
  • Pink diseases, stem rot, fruit rot, and bud rot are the common diseases that a jack fruit plant gets. Once the issue is visible, remove the affected area and apply Bordeaux mix on the affected area.