Simple Ways to Care Your Spinach and Bitter Gourd Plants

What can be done to ensure that spinach grows well, is free from pests and that bitter guards bear fruit successfully?

How to Take Care of Spinach Plant

spinach plant

Spinach is a leafy vegetable that likes to be well fertilized. Therefore, fertilizer application is essential for its good growth. It is better to take care of spinach when planting it. While preparing the mixture for the grow bag, add 100 g of neem cake and 100 g of bone meal. It is a good idea to add a tablespoon of lime beforehand to the grow bag’s filling medium.

How to Grow Spinach Plant Faster

  • Earthworm compost, rotten chicken manure and fish manure are good.
  • Draining the water from a neem cake solution to the vegetable bed in the morning or evening will speed up the growth.
  • Two weeks after planting, add biogas slurry, biofertilizer, diluted cow urine and groundnut cake soaked in water to help the spinach grow well.

Ways to Protect Spinach Plant from Pests and Diseases

  • Mix 20 g of Trichoderma in diluted rice water, keep it for some time and leave it in the vegetable bed for a while to prevent leaf spot disease.
  • Be sure to water them only if needed.
  • Remove such leaves to avoid worms that eat the spinach.
  • Place a light trap between the spinach and spray them with neem pesticides.
  • Mix Peruvala nutrient with a soap solution and sprinkle.
  • Spray the diluted solution of 1 ml Malathion 50% E.C mixed with one litre of water only if necessary.

How to Take Care of Bitter Gourd Plant

To make bitter guard bear fruit well, follow these steps

bitter gourd
  • Fermented seaweed diluted with cow dung slurry or cow urine can be added.
  • Mixing two millilitres of fish amino acid in one litre of water and pouring it in the plant and the plant bed frequently will help them to flower and bear fruit in full.
  • Dissolve a small piece of asafoetida with some curd and sprinkle it on the plant and leaves to increase the yield.
  • Remember that the pruning of vines is important for the growth of ivy gourd.
  • Stems with stunted leaves from lack of direct sunlight and other excess vines should be removed.
  • When the vines begin to spread, one kilo of peanut cake mixed with ten litres of dung water can be poured into the plant bed.
  • One litre of cow urine diluted with ten litre water can be added to the plant bed in an interval of two weeks.
  • Adding cow dung and bone meal one or two times at a time per bed will also help in crop growth.