All You Need to Know to Grow Avocado Trees Indoors

Do you think you can grow expensive fruit such as avocado indoors, well then you are not wrong. You can grow an avocado tree in your home, all you need is a little bit of patience and a pot to grow the tree. Not only the plant will give you fruits, but also it can be used as an ornamental plant. Its long and shiny leaves are a treat for the eyes.

Naturally, avocado tree likes to grow in the open where they get a good deal of sunlight and air passage. Once we can give these to the plant, the plant will grow inside our homes. Let us see how we can grow a live avocado plant in a home from the scratch.

How to sprout avocado plants?

You do not need to buy a live plant from any nursery. Buy avocado fruit and enjoy the flesh inside it. Later clean everything on the seed. Keep the cleaned seed in water overnight. On the next day take the seeds and dip in the water in a way that the broad end of the seed comes underwater and other parts come above water as the picture shows.

At the narrow end insert toothpicks 2cm, and you can use four toothpicks in a cross formation. The seed likes a warm climate to sprout, and the sunlight is its best friend during this time. Change the water if necessary and your seed will be sprouting in two-six weeks. First, a root will appear and later stem comes from the seed.

Changing avocado sprout into a pot

After roots, as well as stem, are strong, then they can be transplanted to a pot. The pot should have at least 25cm diameter and fill it with potting soil. Plant the seed as its top should be level with the soil. The soil, which is used in the pot should be well-drained. It should be moist but not wet. The plant cannot withstand waterlogging at any stage of growth. Use a potting mix that has soil in it, which will help for better drainage.

Growing conditions for indoor avocado

After changing the seed into a pot, you do not need to worry about many things. Just keep the pot in a place where direct sunlight comes at least 5-6 hours a day. Keep control of the moisture level of the soil. After this just relax and leave all other things to nature and natural growth.

Common issues with the plant

Curled and yellow leaves: It means that you are over-watering the plant and stop watering the plant immediately.

Dried leaves: On the plant, if you find dried leaves, it means you are watering not adequately. Water the plants more, but in a regulated way. Always keep moisture controlled.

Lack of growth: If new growths are not coming, it can be because of a lack of sufficient sunlight. The plant has to get at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. Prune the top leaves to get new shoots.