Trichoderma Mixture, An Organic Fungicide to Control Plant Disease

Trichoderma is an organic fungicide for plant disease control. The procedure for making it is given below.

Items needed for making 100kg of Trichoderma mixture

  1. 100 kg of powdered manure
  2. 10 kg neem cake
  3. 1 kg Trichoderma

Steps for making the mixture

  1. Add one-tenth of powdered manure as a layer on a shady area, sprinkle one-tenth of Trichoderma culture on top of it.
  2. Spread one-tenth of the neem cake
  3. Repeat this step nine times and make it into a heap as shown in the picture.
  4. Roll a damp jute sack on top of the mixture to retain moisture and control the light.
  5. The mixture should be stored for two weeks, checked for moisture, and stirred frequently.

Within 10-12 days, the Trichoderma will start growing in green color in this mixture. This mixture should be added to the base of plantains and vegetable plants after two weeks.