Seasonal Calendar for Planting Vegetables in Kerala

Different vegetable plants have a different time to be planted. In Kerala, mainly there are two seasons, summer and rainy seasons, though the winter season is there on the calendar. Most of the places in Kerala don’t have much impact on the winter season as seen if European countries. Vegetable those are grown in the state follow these peculiarities and they are different from vegetables that are growing other parts of the world.

It is possible to plant vegetables at the wrong time, still, they will bear fruit but the result will be less. Let’s find out the planting time of common vegetables in Kerala such as spinach, okra, chilli, bitter gourd, cucumber, pumpkin, cauliflower and so on. It is possible to grow spinach all seasons except rainy season. Plants such as cabbage, carrot and cauliflower can be sown in the winter season. 

Let’s see appropriate timing for planting seeds

VegetablesVarietiesAppropriate Time
    Green ChilliJwalamukhi, Jwalasakhi, Anugraha, Vellayani Samrudhi, Vellayani Thejus    May- June August-September
TomatoMukthi, Shakti, Anakha, Vellayani VijaySeptember-December
  CucumberArunima, Mudicode Local, SaubhagyaJanuary- March September- December
  Pumpkin  Ambili, Saras, Suvarna, SurajJanuary- March May- June September- December
OkraKiran, Aruna, Susthira, AnjithaFebruary- March  June- July October- November
SpinachArun, Kannara Local, Mohini, Krishnasri  All time except rainy season
CabbageNS 43, NS 160, NS 163October- November- February
CauliflowerBasanth, NS 60, Pusa MeghnaOctober- November- February
CarrotPusa Rudhira, Super KurodaOctober- November- February
BeetrootMadhurOctober- November- February
OnionAgrifound Dark red, Arka Kalyan, N53, Indam  December- March
BeansVarun, Kairali, Malika, Sarika, KanakamaniAll time except rainy days
Bitter GourdPriya, Preethi, PriyankaJanuary- March May- June September- December
Snake GourdKoumudi, TA 19, ManusreeJanuary- March September- December
Ash GourdKAU Local, InduJanuary- March May- June September- December