Tips for Every Newbie Vegetable Gardener

Having a vegetable garden at one’s own house is the dream of every newbie gardener and if the garden grows from the seeds that they have sowed, then there will be no limit for happiness and satisfaction. Here are some tips to follow to make a beautiful, budget-friendly, and nutrient-rich vegetable garden from the scratch, especially for beginners.

Keep an Eye on Vegetable Garden Layout

  1. The first thing to do is that ask yourself how much garden space do I need? Understand the location, size, and shape of the available space. Some vegetables need a small area to grow but some others need a huge area.  Climbing trees are advisable to make use of the most space.
  2. Better to choose seeds that are compatible with the climate. The wrong climate can sometimes make the seed delay to germinate or even the seed will be rot. Select and keep near all the required utensils for planting seeds.
  3. Before starting and sowing one has to understand the seed. Different seeds have different growing periods. Some germinate fast some take time. Like almost everything, there is an expiry date for seeds also. No expert suggests using a seed that is more than two years old.

Things to be cautious while planting seeds

  1.  Some seeds have to keep in water for hours before planting and some need not be. There are different types of seedling trays available in the market nowadays.
  2. Scatter the seeds in the growing medium and deposit some growing medium on the top of the seeds and keep it in the seedling trays. Plant the seed at the proper depth. Make sure to water the medium occasionally and the seeds are getting enough sunlight.
  3. Move all the seeds to containers when they sprout. Even after sprouting, some days are crucial so nurture the sprouts with utmost care.  

Use of Paper Towels for Germination

Nowadays, paper towels are using for germination. This is a simple method to follow and because of this, many people use this way.

  1. Make sure the paper towel is clean and moist. Use water spray to wet the paper towel.
  2. Place the seeds after cleaning. Make sure there are enough spaces between the seeds to germinate well.
  3. Do not place paper the towel under direct sunlight. Make sure the paper towel doesn’t dry out which will affect the seeds. But do not overwater the paper towel.

Growing a tree or a plant explains a person’s character that he values and respects life. If a person nurtures and begins to get vegetables to his kitchen, that not only values life but also reduces expenses on vegetables and provides pesticide-free vegetables to his/her family. Studies say that gardening reduces stress. The fresh air around the gardener from the plants plays an important role in reducing the stress and bad mood of that person.