Use of Earthworms to Produce Organic Fertiliser

Use of the method vermicompost in the Indian agriculture sector has been seen for many centuries. It is a practice of using different types of earthworms to decay organic waste from the kitchen and turn them to organic fertilisers. India, being the home of more than 500 species of earthworms, widely practices these fertilisers nowadays, which is also economical. This method of making compost has a wide range of acceptable nowadays, as there will not require chemical fertilisers.

The fertiliser can also be used as a conditioner for the soil as it is wet. Use of chemicals to the soil can kill several beneficial organisms that help the growth of the plant or tree. But there will not be any trouble for these organisms when the vermicompost is used which is organic and natural. Comparing to other composts, it will take only 30-35 days to get the end-product.

How to make vermicompost

earthwarm compost

Though any box can be taken for vermicompost, it is recommended not to take boxes those are above 45cm length, 30cm width and 45cm height to handle easily. Put two holes at the bottom of the box to drain the extra water and if it’s a wooden box, it is advisable to cover the bottom with a plastic sheet to avoid decay. Make soil as the base and above that place fibre. After that add earthworm compost and keep it there for 25-30 days. After completing 30 days it is possible to put kitchen waste into the box and make sure not to add plastic, citrus, high spicy food waste, or oil. Cover the box with a sack and spray water on the sack every day to keep the box humid.

There is no need to import the main element for worm castings. The main element in vermicompost called earthworms is easily available locally. But the most commonly using earthworms are Perionyx Excavatus and Lampito Mauritii. These varieties can compost the organic waste into worm casting quickly. Making of vermicompost is not hard, and a person who has crates, pits, tanks, or concrete rings can produce organic fertiliser with no too much effort.

To avoid ants attack, it is recommended to dig a small canal and fill with water around the box. Another method is to keep the box on a high place and put salt or turmeric powder on the box. Place mesh wire to save earthworms from crows and rats.