Vertical Wall Garden, For Those Who Do Not Have Enough Space for Gardening

Vertical walls, the new trend in gardening often used as a supplement for those who do not have enough area for gardening outdoors as well as indoors. One of the important factors about this is it can be used as an indoor as well as outdoor gardening technique. Vertical gardening is not just for those who do not have space in their garden. It is also for those who have unattractive walls to modify or want to do something different on their wall or structure.

Once the technique is successful, it helps us to live close to nature as the structure will be full of leaves, flowers or fruits. The aim of this type of gardening is that maximise greenery in a limited and available space.

Things to remember before vertical gardening

The vertical wall does require an independent structure, a support wall should be there and any walls will do. So, if you are going to do vertical gardening, do it on a wall that can act as support to the structure. This can be an ugly or broken wall. Do not worry about the weight load because the structure can manage the weight of plants and pots.

Use a plastic sheet at the back of the frame in pocket vertical gardening methods. It will work as a buffer zone in between the wall and the structure and blocks water and ruining the wall itself.

How to do vertical gardening?

Choose your wall depending on the plant varieties’ requirement of sunlight. If the variety requires a good deal of sunlight, choose the wall which receives a good amount of sunlight. Once the place is selected then we can select pots. It can be clay or plastic pots.

The structure can be made of wood, metal mesh or PVC pipes. As wood will begin to rot after encountering water and metal mesh causes unwanted weightage, it is recommended to use a PVC pipe. Use ¾ inch PVC pipe, four-way joints and elbows to make your structure. Make a structure that can be hung on the wall so that it will be easier to bring it down if we want to. But a lot of people are using wood and metal mesh structures for vertical gardening.

If you are using vertical gardening for the first time, it is better to use plants that are easy to look after. Plants such as money plants or succulent plants are good to use. Use the same varieties so that we can save money on watering or while providing fertilisers or pesticides. Each variety requires a different amount of water and different types of fertilisers or pesticides.

Keep the pots at a particular distance so that irrigation and air passage can be given easily.

Different types of vertical garden

There are different types of vertical gardening methods.

Container style garden: This is done using pots and those pots are attached to a wall or displayed in rows.

Pocket garden: In this method, plants are placed in small pockets of a special kind of canvas or fabric.

Wooden or plastic wall planter: It’s another way of vertical gardening using slots or panels or recycled wood.

Wire mesh: Wire mesh is another kind of vertical garden. Unlike other varieties, it will be sturdier and can last longer. Normally, on wire mesh gardeners hang plastic or clay pots.