Vietnam Super Early Jackfruit, the One Year Jack

If you love jackfruit but could not grow because of lack of space in your home or you want to grow a jackfruit tree and wants the fruit in a year, do not think it is not possible. Vietnam super early jackfruit is the answer to all of these wishes. This is a foreign variety to the Indian jackfruit industry, but rapidly becoming a favourite for the farmers as well as the gardeners. The variety is also called as ‘one year jackfruit tree’, which means the tree bears fruit from the first year of planting.

Characteristic of Vietnam super early jackfruit

  • Flowers and bears fruit within a year.
  • The tree will bear jackfruit twice a year.
  • All fruits are medium-sized, not as large as the normal jackfruits. So that even children can carry or harvest the tree.
  • The stems are not thick.
  • Constant pruning is required as the stem is not thick like other jackfruit tree varieties. Prune the unnecessary branches every year.
  • We can expect fruits from the tree for at least 15 years.

How to plant Vietnam super early

  • Dig a hole that is 2 meters in height, width and length.
  • Fill the hole with cow manure, bone meal, and upper soil.
  • Make another small hole in that filling and place the grafted or budded sapling.
  • For six month no need to give any other fertilisers.
  • Water the plant every day, at least for 6 months to 1 year.
  • Try to keep one or two fruits on a shoot. If more fruits are there on one shoot it will affect the growth of jackfruit.
  • Keep a space of 10ft if more than one tree is planting.

Vietnam super early jackfruit tree bears fruit much before it turns one year old. It will bear fruit twice a year and at least 20-30 fruit will be produced in a season. Another notable remark of the variety is that it does not need much space to grow. This aspect makes Vietnam early jackfruit tree a favourite for the flat dwellers as they can grow the tree in a drum or a barrel.