How to Plant Vietnam Early Gold Jackfruit Scientifically? | Fertilization | Care

Vietnam super early jackfruit tree harvesting

Vietnam super early jackfruit tree is the trending jackfruit tree nowadays because of its capability of bearing fruit in the first year of planting the tree. The variety originally from Vietnam and crossed borders all over the world because of this peculiar trait. The tree also called ‘one year jack’. The tree growers claim that they get more than 50 jackfruits every year. There is no special season for the fruit so that throughout the year the tree bears fruit.

Vietnam super early jackfruit is recommended for farmers who want to do jackfruit cultivation on a large scale, as it is needed less space than the normal jackfruit tree varieties. This makes the tree ideal for flat-dwellers as well who can grow the plant in a drum or large pot.

Vietnam super early jackfruit size, taste and other traits

The fruit is very sweet and thick in texture. Comparing to other varieties, the sticky latex substance inside the fruit is very low. Each fruit weighs up to 7-10 kilogram, depending on the soil, growing conditions and fertilisers that we add. It is easy to harvest as the tree will not grow like the native varieties. We can expect the tree to bear fruit for more than 20-25 years. Vietnam super early jackfruit, fruits 3 times a year thus it is called all-season jackfruit.

How to plant Vietnam early gold scientifically?

Suitable location

  • Finding the right place for planting the tree is the first step. Vietnam early jackfruit requires abundant sunlight, so make sure not to plant the tree under any other trees or shades.
  • The issue of waterlogging has to be avoided.

Planting instruction

  • Dig a hole that is 2 meters in height, width and length.
  • It is recommended to use budded plants instead of seeds as the bud will get all the traits of its mother plant. The budded plant tends to grow faster than the seeds.
  • Prune the unnecessary branches every year as the stem is not thick as other varieties.

Fertilisers to use

  • Mix two cups of cow manure and goat manure, 1 kilogram of groundnut cake powder and neem cake powder, 50 grams of pseudomonas, and upper soil and fill the hole with this mix.
  • After filling the hole, take another small hole to plant the jackfruit bud. Make sure the budded part should come above the soil level while planting.
  • Water the plant twice a day at least for 6 months and after that water once in 3 months.
Vietnam super early jackfruit tree fertilisers


No constant care is needed for the tree as it has good immunity against pest and other diseases. But any of the leaves comes under bugs or fungal attack, use Bordeaux mixture.

Post fertilisation procedures

It is important to apply fertiliser in the evening or the morning. Do not do it during noontime, when the sun is hot. After applying fertilisers, it is important to water the plant at least for two weeks, in the morning and afternoon to reduce heat-related issues by the fertilisers. After the initial fertilisation, give the next dose every six months. Mix a cup of cow manure with 250 grams of neem cake powder and groundnut cake powder and apply under the plant for this dose.